About Christopher

Technical founder, executive leader, mobile/web developer, data scientist, speaker, musician, athlete

Christopher Lichti comes from a technology research background, having performed digital video processing research for DARPA at Carnegie Mellon University in the mid nineties, causal modeling research at UPMC's Center for Biomedical Informatics, and natural language processing (NLP) research at Claritech.

In 2008, Christopher joined TrueCar as the founding technical lead and 4th employee. He helped grow TrueCar through multiple equity events, including an IPO in 2014. He hired teammates above and below, as well as peers to evolve TrueCar for rapid growth. He also hosts, mentors, speaks at, and attends a variety of tech events in the bay area.

Prior to TrueCar, he was CTO of Market Scan Information Systems, where he developed web applications for automotive financial analysis and deal optimization. He holds patents in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and financial prediction, and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

  • Launched hundreds of technology products, from small to enterprise
  • Practiced dozens of agile methodologies with teams ranging from 6 devs to 160 multi-layered, multi-disciplined teams


Technology Leadership

Creative innovation and drive in both technology and leadership style. Driven by empirical results.

Agility at Scale

Deep, practical experience with Agile/XP/SCRUM across multiple, geographically diverse, integrated teams.

Amateur Athlete

Occasional triathlons, centuries, martial arts, trail running


Experienced public speaker on topics ranging from agile processes, software architecture, development best practices, ethics, startups, and education.

Data Scientist

18 years of applied machine learning off and on, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), vision systems, prediction, classification.

Amateur Musician

Singer and instrumentalist: taiko, shinobue, guitar, cello, hammered dulcimer, and a variety of other instruments over the years.

Products are created by People.
Choose your team Wisely.


Leads by Example

He is an expert polyglot, full-stack programmer, and a inclusive leader-by-example. I personally worked with him to build Clearbook.com and was astounded by how fast-moving he was even in the face of a very complex, and highly-performant system.

Isaac Laughlin Senior Manager, Data Science, Co-Founder Creds.me

Grows and Scales

It is a great pleasure working with Chris at TrueCar. Chris is not only a remarkable technical leader, his analytical/statistical acumen has also been the key to successfully implementing TrueCar pricing models, price reports, sales trend, etc. He always guides the team to bring in the best practices and methodologies. Given the significant growth of TrueCar over the past two years, the scalability and robustness of the platform that Chris's team has been building is very impressive.

Xingchu Liu President/General Manager, BlackLocus, The Home Depot

Collegial Mentor

I have reported to Chris at TrueCar for the past year and have been continually impressed that he manages to display strong team leadership qualities while still maintaining his chops as a technologist. He has repeatedly managed to organize and/or rally existing teams to build solid, scalable products on extremely tight deadlines while simultaneously introducing best practices for everything from behavior driven testing to API versioning. To top it all off, Chris is extremely easy to get along with and his diverse personal interests result in a unique perspective on business and life.

Mark Protas Software Architect, TrueCar

Machine Learner, Person

He can dive into the deepest realms of machine learning, and lead large teams to major successes. He sets an excellent example of work quality, intelligent processes, solid workflows, leadership, and caring. He creates a culture where a multitude of voices create harmony. Amazing leader, and one of life's great people.

David Williams Senior Software Engineer, Apple


Chris is one of those rare individuals who is both great to work with and who understands how to enable his teams to excel at their tasks. Chris is an excellent communicator and his fair-minded approach to collaboration makes him a great asset to any software engineering endeavor. Those qualities proved invaluable to our software projects, and I very much enjoyed working with him.

Felix R Software Developer, Technical Product Manager

Experienced CTO

Through his leadership, the R&D department was transformed into a highly productive, skilled team of programmers, quality assurance engineers, designers, systems engineers, market researchers, and more. With both counsel and hands-on instruction, he guided each team to follow industry best practices and methodologies in software development and management, enabling even less experienced engineers to produce large-scale applications to meet or exceed industry standards.

Kiril Balandin, PhD Senior Software Developer, Crambel Capital

A Few Words from Happy Colleagues